Beyond Lex4bio

Cross-cooperation & cross-dissemination with a network of EU major players, clusters & projects to maximise the take up of our results at EU scale 

Member of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP)

ESPP ensures knowledge sharing, experience transfer and networking for opportunities in the field of phosphorus management, facilitates discussion between the market, stakeholders and regulators, addresses regulatory obstacles, contributes to policy proposals, circulates information, promotes Platform Members’ activities, and contributes to define a long-term vision for phosphorus sustainability in Europe.

Member of the Biorefine Cluster Europe

The competence focus lies within the biorefinery sector: the refinement of chemicals, materials, energy and products from biobased waste streams. The Biorefine Cluster Europe interconnects projects and people within the domain of biobased resource recovery, striving to contribute to a more sustainable resource management in the framework of circular economy systems.

B-Ferst project

B-FERST aims at integrating the valorisation of bio-waste in agriculture by creating new circular and bio-based value chains. The project improves the sustainability of arable land by developing 8 innovative bio-based fertilisers. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the relationships between farmers and bio-based industries.

Nutri2Cycle project

NUTRI2CYCLE will use an integrated approach to enable the transition from the current (suboptimal) nutrient household in European agriculture to the next-generation of agronomic practices, characterized by an improved upcycling of nutrients and organic carbon.